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Panic and the Power of Conversation

A Timeline of the S&P 500 since 2009

Panic On Deck

With only two weeks left in 2023, I began looking back at the past 12 months (as we always do at this time). The reminiscing of our predictions from January and what our mindset was at the beginning of the new year is always interesting. Whether it's the economy, politics, weather, world events, etc., we get some right and some wrong.

Large recession fears never developed, yet who would have known that we would be looking at potential EOY returns above 20%?! Us that live in Florida were on the edge of our seats throughout summer and fall, while images of Hurricane Ian were fresh in our minds. This year, mother nature (for the most part) gave us a year off.

As we head into 2024, we will individually create some new panic and fear about the year ahead. We always do. We are human. Most will bear no fruit, and the ones that we never saw coming will be the ones that surface. As I have said in the past, 'history doesn't repeat itself, people do.'

We Always Find a Way

This repeption always brings to mind the chart above showing the growth of the S&P500 since the recovery of the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. Yes, it is 500%+. This chart also shows many of the world events that trigger the 'reasons to sell' emotion. These are just the more-known reasons - we could easily add more. When I see the updated version of this chart each year, I am reminded of how resilient our economy is and how our continued drive for more and better is reflected in this data. We are a creative bunch who face proplems and find solutions. We find a way. That gives me confidnce in the future.

It's All About the Trusted Relationship

This chart also makes me reflect on a personal level. Other than a few years prior to the Great Financial Crisis, this timeline follows my career thus far. The ups, the downs, the sideways. Long hours, sleepless nights worrying about my clients, myself, and many other things that never happened. But, through all of these ups and downs, I continue to be reminded of how important relationships and conversations are to navigating this unpredictable world. A cup of coffee and a conversation can literally change an outcome, a mindset, lower some blood pressure, and even change a life.

The timeline above is only what we know. A mere glimpse of what was. There is plenty more to come and we will certainly find more to worry about, together.

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Dec 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Nice article

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